mydearliberiaMy Dear Liberia (RECOLLECTIONS) is a collection of timeless narratives that is an integral part of Liberian tradition that is sure to stir souls, energize minds and heal hearts since the civil war. Lewis serves as a common voice, shining light on a part of Liberia’s history, when people cherished the ordinariness of everyday life.

Readers Reviews:

"Helen will not let the book leave her sight. Congratulations for a job well done! T. Holman Hartford, CT.

"Great memories. What a beautiful book! I could not put it down. My four year old loves it and wants us to read it over and over again. He especially loves the games." J. Lake Washington, DC.

"I am a Nigerian, sending you this email to let you know that your well-articulated poems in your book are patriotically enriching. Please, keep the good work going! Dr. M.Eskay Ph.DJacksonville, IL.

"I received the book yesterday and read it in one sitting. You get it and skim through it first and end up with the notion that it seems too playful and simple, but get between the lines and you find a writer who worms her way into your heart through familiarity, simplicity and heart-talk. The book is great and I am convinced she achieved her goal of leaving a legacy for the growing generation and a source of enlivening nostalgia for those who know exactly what she is talking about. Palmbutter rice too sweet--- I almost got hungry reading that stuff. Keep up the good work!" Dr. O. Dolo, MD Ghana, West Africa.        

"I lived in Liberia for over 20 years. It is a wonderful place and Ophelia takes us back to those wonderful years, the traditions of family and honor that we should never forget. I recommend MY DEAR LIBERIA to those who know Liberia, and those who wish to know Her. I am very proud of Ophelia and her writing for future generations." Thelma J. (Brownell) Cato Decatur, GA

"An insight into the Liberian culture; I have just read My Dear Liberia - Recollections, and was very impressed with both the content and style. As an American, I really felt like I gained some insight into Liberian life and culture. I would recommend this book for a wide audience, including those who teach courses covering African/African American studies. It is very readable (right down to the crossword and word scramble), and yet provides a window into the life of those who are of Liberian heritage." Patricia A. Molloy Providence, RI.

"This book is a wonderful trip down memory lane; it takes you back to the days of Liberia's glory," L. M. Logan Norcross, GA.

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