The Dowry of Virgins & Other Stories

Look for the twist in every tale in this collection!

dowryofvirginsA New Chief for Gwapala – Egoism lies deep within every man and nothing is impossible to a willing heart. When an astute African chief tests the courage of his men in choosing his predecessor, a hunter, a champion and an entertainer volunteer to explore a precarious forest. Each man returns with a gift, suitable for the throne, but there can only be one chief.

What the Moon Leaves Behind – A grandmother’s love is hardly enough for a young woman who has witnessed all the other young women her age become wives. A crippled since birth, Myatu’s life was far from ordinary, especially in one of Africa’s most prosperous villages where looks and wealth meant everything. Then one day, fate comes in a form of an old man and tests Myatu’s heart.

Songs of the Pepper Birds – Necessity knows no law and Kaimu has to confront his pregnant girlfriend’s father when he has not engaged her nor has he the means to pay a dowry. Kaimu goes to seek the advice of a wise old man, from whose experience, he learns what life can sometimes throw at you—the intense struggle between what is easy and what is right. “A man must give an account of his deeds, no matter how painful,” Oldman Jallah tells Kaimu. “Doing the right thing is worth every bit of personal sacrifice.”

The Dowry of Virgins – Life was pleasant for Josef Yeke in Twoku Village until an ugly gossip started about his precious daughter that had been defiled. There will be no report of firing gunshots on the night of her wedding to show that she is a virgin. As an important elder, Yeke has the power to sentence the accused to harsh punishment, even death. But on the advice of his dearest friend, he must demonstrate forgiveness instead.

Obikai’s Heart – Not every African man wishes to partake in the tradition of polygamy, but custom is a tyrant. Quonah fell in love with one woman, Obikai, a younger woman promised to his aged father. He married her anyway. Abandoning tradition is one thing; seeking forgiveness is another. After nine years of separation from his family, Quonah returns to his village to face his dying father and to ask for forgiveness.

Common Threads – The aspiration one has may not always be cheerfully carried, but when your spirit is ready, your feet become light. Caught between her wish to go to school and being forced into an arranged marriage, fourteen-year-old Aketi must find a new life elsewhere after denying her father his honor—the betroth of one’s daughter among their people.

Cries of the Pepper Birds - Even in the life of a little pepper bird, tomorrow belongs to those who prepares for it today. Regardless of her mother’s advice, Korlu refused to learn the basic task of a bird, flying. Then one day when the family’s nest is destroyed by a strong wind, she finds herself in unexpected situations and is forced to recognize the importance of learning one’s responsibilities.

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